Intermediate Education Services District

  • Re-engagement Application: Developed a comprehensive Re-engagement Application for submission to the State Department of Education. This application was aimed at obtaining a district code necessary for operating the program in a specific region.

  • Consortium Agreement: Drafted a Consortium Agreement that laid out the collaborative framework and terms of engagement for multiple stakeholders involved in the program.

  • Racial Equity Statement: Crafted a robust Racial Equity Statement, underlining the commitment to equity and inclusion within the program.

  • Letters of Intent: Composed Letters of Intent for 35 school districts, outlining their intent to participate and support the program, showcasing a widespread interest.

  • Memoranda of Understanding: Developed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for community-based organizations and colleges, outlining their roles and responsibilities within the program.

  • Fundraising: Actively pursued potential funding sources, demonstrating a proactive approach to securing the necessary resources for the program’s successful implementation.

Local School District

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Development: Developed comprehensive RFP components aimed at attracting investors for a new district high school project.

  • Research Analysis:

      • Conducted extensive research to gather data and insights about the community.
      • Analyzed cost factors and conducted a detailed cost analysis.
      • Crafted a compelling narrative encompassing community needs, cost considerations, and educational specifications.

Community-based Organization

  • Presentation Material Preparation: Skillfully prepared presentation materials for a quarterly meeting with a grantor.

  • Comprehensive Research:

    • Conducted thorough research on the meeting’s topic.
    • Analyzed up-to-date statistics and data relevant to the subject matter.
  • Location Based Development: Carefully aligned the presentation materials to the unique needs and characteristics of the specific region.

Training Company

  • Business Proposal Preparation: Skillfully prepared proposals to expand the client base for a leadership training company.

  • Detailed Module Descriptions: Provided comprehensive descriptions of the leadership training modules offered.

  • Module Delivery Planning: Determined the most effective methods for delivering these modules.

  • Timeframe Assessment: Defined clear timeframes for the implementation of the training.

  • Cost Analysis: Conducted a thorough cost analysis to ensure competitive and viable spend.

Doctoral Student Cohort

  • Dissertation Editing: Provided expert editing services for students enrolled in a community college leadership program.

  • Comprehensive Support: Ensured the successful completion of critical academic milestones, including:

      • Proposal writing
      • Preliminary examination preparation
      • Final dissertation defense

2 Sigma Research Group

  • Professional Appraisal: Offered a professional evaluation of the “mastery approach.”

  • Targeted Issue: Focused on its effectiveness in addressing early-grade reading and math difficulties.

  • National Impact: Addressed the significance of this approach in mitigating the achievement gap across the country.