TEST, LLC is a provider of professional appraisals for solving early reading and math problems, developing and redesigning educational training materials, strategic planning documents, and professional editing services for dissertations, reports, request for proposals, grants, books, and manuals.

Meet the founder

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

– Plutarch

Our Mission

We exist to provide professional consulting, editing, and product development services for individuals and educational entities to support their strategic purpose.

Our services include comprehensive editing of doctoral proposals and dissertations. Consultants provide professional services for redesigning and updating strategic plans, course catalogs, professional development trainer manuals, participant materials, and PowerPoints for all areas.

  • Comprehensive Editing

  • Strategic Planning

  • Comprehensive Writing

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Intermediate Education Services District

Clientele results

  • Re-engagement Application: Developed a comprehensive Re-engagement Application for submission to the State Department of Education. This application was aimed at obtaining a district code necessary for operating the program in a specific region.

  • Consortium Agreement: Drafted a Consortium Agreement that laid out the collaborative framework and terms of engagement for multiple stakeholders involved in the program.

  • Racial Equity Statement: Crafted a robust Racial Equity Statement, underlining the commitment to equity and inclusion within the program.

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